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Unearth Education Éveillée is on a mission to help students develop essential workplace skills through experiential learning.

Notre mission est d’aider les étudiants à acquérir des compétences essentielles sur le marché du travail par l’apprentissage expérientiel.

With over 35 years of experience in the Canadian education system delivering curriculum and creating professional development workshops, we offer a variety of English and French programs that we are excited to customize and deliver to our clients.

We thrive on being innovative to create programs that respond to changing needs within the education sector. We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to experiential learning and work with clients to create and deliver unique and authentic programs.

Our team seeks to fill gaps in the education system while promoting and supporting already existing programs in order to provide students with additional experiential learning, skill-building opportunities to unearth their passion and potential.

“Learning is an experience.
Everything else is just information.”
– Albert Einstein

Why Learn With Us?


Over 35 Years of Experience

We’ve been part of the education system for decades, delivering curriculum and creating professional development workshops.

Out-Of-The-Box Learning

We are passionate about engaging students, educators, and professionals in hands-on, experiential learning.

No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

We discover your needs and identify learning objectives in order to create a program that is relevant and valuable.

English & French Programming

Professionally developed, fully customized, and delivered!

Our Team

Jennifer Regnier 
Owner & Founder
Jennifer Regnier is a bilingual outgoing, creative and innovative award-winning program manager and facilitator who has worked with the education system for over 17 years creating and delivering curriculum-linked programs in both English and French.

Jennifer has received two Gold Global Best Awards from the International Partnership Network, in collaboration with the Conference Board of Canada, for her innovative, program development and partnership building in support of youth entrepreneurship.

Jennifer is an experienced community developer with a proven track record for understanding client training needs. Her dedication to creating unique and engaging learning opportunities paired with her ‘out of the box’ approach to program delivery allows her to build learning programs that come together seamlessly and captivate audiences.

Cathy Belanger B.Ed
Co-Founder | Business Skills Consultant

Cathy Belanger has been teaching at the secondary level for over 25 years and believes in providing students with as many real-life experiences in the classroom as possible. As an Educator, she constantly looks for partnerships to incorporate into curriculum delivery, as a way to better prepare youth for post-secondary pathways. 

Student engagement is improved by adding real-life projects as alternative ways of meeting curriculum strands. As such, partnering with outside organizations to the classroom helps students to see the direct relation of their learning with future employment possibilities.

She has spoken internationally at conferences in Durban, Brussels, Oslo and Houston. Cathy has received six Global Best Awards from the International Partnership Network, in collaboration with the Conference Board of Canada for her innovative program development and partnership building in support of youth entrepreneurship.

Melanie Chevrier
Francophone Program Lead
As a community innovator, consultant and trainer, Mélanie Chevrier specializes in leadership, management, and collaborative strategies. Her work is focused on organizational and human transformation.

Mélanie is passionate about community development and the Canadian Francophonie. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the following sectors: education, non-profit, health, immigration, cultural and early childhood. 

Committed to making a difference, Mélanie furthers her professional development around the Globe: Canada, France, Switzerland, and the United States. She is also a certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.

Programs & Services

Training & Certifications
Our Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Training and Certifications are created to help Educators meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Our workshops and certifications can be modified to fit other programs with a school or other student audiences such as Careers.

We are always looking to work with schools to develop valuable and meaningful student or educator learning opportunities. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please reach out for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and objectives.

We are proud to be the Delivery Partner for the Ottawa and surrounding area.

FitSpirit partners with schools and community organizations to provide activities that get young girls moving and keep them physically active over the long term. It offers tools and services within a holistic approach based on flexible, individualized support to help schools engage girls through activities tailored to their challenges and their lives.

Fillactive mise sur le développement de partenariats avec les milieux scolaire et communautaire dans le but de générer une offre d’activités physiques durable pour les jeunes filles.

The levers that ensure the success of the FitSpirit approach:

  • Spend time with friends;
  • Receive encouragement;
  • Look up to role models;
  • Have fun.

For more information on how to register a school or become an Ambassador please contact Rebecca.

Content Creation & Curriculum Alignment
Does your program need a refresh?
Do you need to create user manuals or training materials?
Do you need support identifying links to curriculum?

We can help!

Our team is available to provide services in content creation and curriculum alignment in English and French.

Program Delivery & Growth Consulting
We are on a mission to ensure that all students have access to skill development, experiential learning opportunities, entrepreneurship and we don’t want to recreate the wheel.

Do you have a brand new program idea but don’t know where to start?
Do you want to grow your number of students reached or territory served but struggling to find more internal resources?

We know that there are already some incredible programs available to students and we work with organizations that want to grow their program reach but lack internal resources.

Is there a need in your community related to youth entrepreneurship, talent development or skill building in youth?

With our team’s resources and our experience in program development, strategic planning, process optimization and knowledgeable of the education system we work with organizations that want to reach more students.

Work With Us

We thrive on being innovative to create programs that respond to changing needs within the education sector. We operate on trust and leverage diverse experience and perspectives to create meaningful learning opportunities for students and educators.

The Unearth Education Éveillée team is made up of dynamic, detail-oriented, adaptable and innovative individuals who are passionate and driven. We are looking for ‘get the job done’ type individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that clients have the best learning experience possible.

Placement Opportunities

Are you a College or University student looking for a unique placement opportunity?

We are always accepting interest from students looking for a meaningful learning opportunity.

We accept students from the following educational programs: Project Management, Event Management, Business Management, Marketing, Education, and Graphic Design.

Please contact Jennifer Regnier to discuss the possibilities.

Become a Partner!

Providing students with relevant 21st-century skill development involves working with industry professionals and entrepreneurs to create experiential learning opportunities.

There are several ways to get involved