When can I register students?

Registration is ongoing! You can register students at any time based on your classroom needs!

How do I register?

Simply complete the online registration form and we will follow up to confirm your request and coordinate payment.

Please visit our online learning platform for certificate descriptions.  

What happens after I register? How soon will students have access?

Once you have registered and confirmed your payment arrangement, we will collect student information (full name and email) in order to create the user accounts in our learning platform. 

Teachers will also receive a user account in order to monitor student progress. User accounts will be created and shared 1-2 days prior to the first certification start date.

Teachers and students will receive an activation email that will provide their login information and details on how to proceed.

When do certifications start and end?

That is up to you! Online certifications are available to complement and support your curricular planning.  When registering you will be asked to choose your preferred start date. Although students usually complete the certifications within a week, certification content and assignments will be available up to 15 days.  Should you wish to extend the end date that is no problem! If registering for more than one certification, you can choose when to start each one.

How do students access content?

Content and assignments can be accessed on any type of computer or a smartphone. Students can even use an app! Students participating in live virtual workshops will require a camera and microphone in order to participate in activities and discussions. Assignments will be submitted online so no printing is required.

What is included with online certifications?

Certifications include simple to follow instructions and mixed digital media that is designed to appeal to types of learners. Our certifications include:
  • 3 or more modules with content and videos
  • 2 or more question and answer assignments
  • 1 thinking and inquiry reflection assignment
  • 1 rubric
All assignments are designed by certified teachers and meet the Ministry of Education Ontario curriculum. In addition, students can access Unearth Education Coaches who will deliver virtual help and optional live virtual micro-workshops.

How long will it take a student to complete a certification?

We estimate that completion time is between 60-120 minutes per certification. This depends greatly on the amount of effort students put into their assignments and does not include their time in a live workshop or virtual help.

How will student progress be monitored?

Unearth Education Coaches will receive and review all student assignments. Assignments will be shared with teachers as students complete them.

How is student privacy ensured?

The student’s full name and email address are required to create their individual account in our online learning platform. This enables us to monitor student progress as well as gives students the ability to join virtual help or attend live micro-workshops directly in the learning platform. We maintain 100% student privacy and do not collect or request any personal information.

How will students receive their certificates?

Electronic certificates will be issued within 5 business days after completion.

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

Prices start at $40/student for self-directed certifications and start at $60/student for instructor-led certifications. Prices are based on student enrollment, not completion. There is no minimum number of students required for registration. Discounts are available when registering over 100 students.  Payment is required prior to students beginning their certification. Payments can be made by electronic money transfer, direct deposit or credit card.  Please contact us to discuss enrollment discounts. 

What if I need more information or have other questions?

We are here to help! Send an email to certifications@uneartheducation.com and we will get back to you promptly.