Unearth Education Éveillée and Y2 Entrepreneurship Labs have been collaborating for over 2 years and are pleased to offer a NEW bundle of SHSM certifications for students in Ontario that includes 4 live workshops: SPE/ICE, Project Management, Customer Service & Skills Portfolio Development.

19 SHSM Sectors | 4 Live Workshops | 5 Certifications + SPE

Upon completion of the 4 workshops (in-person or virtual), students will receive 5 certifications + SPE:

  1.  SPE – Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship
  2.  Project Management
  3.  Customer Service
  4.  Skills Portfolio Development
  5.  Leadership Skills
  6.  Communication Skills

Contact Lucie Lafleur, Live Learning Assistant,

today for more information or to schedule your workshops!