Open to all high school students across Ontario, these conferences provide students the opportunity to learn relevant transferable skills and gain certifications!

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WHY Provincial Conferences?

      • Provides students with a rich and interactive learning experience
      • Develops essential skills
      • Inspires students to develop their full potential
      • Creates an innovative synergy and an opportunity for networking among students in the provinces

WHAT ARE Provincial Conferences?

      • A dynamic educational program
      • Interactive training designed for students
      • Tailor-made and innovative theories
      • Two reflective activities

WHO are the Provincial Conferences FOR?

      • Any student from grades 9 to 12
      • Any student enrolled in COOP or SHSM


9:15am – 11:15am | MS Teams

$40 / student

Project Management – Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Students will build knowledge and skills for leading and implementing projects and events as they are guided through the project management process. Using our project management approach, students learn how to effectively plan a project or event including how to set objectives, conduct risk assessment and create a plan.  Success from projects and events come from the tasks completed by the team members – these members form groups and therefore managing group dynamics is critical in being a successful project manager!

Customer Service – Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Customer service – such commonly said words, but do you really know what it means? This workshop will focus on defining what customer service is and the importance it has in service delivery. Topics will include secret tips (not so secret anymore) on improving your customer service skills and highlight businesses that get it right and wrong

Communication Skills – Rescheduled to spring

The ‘new normal’ is the ‘now normal’ and that means that we are on camera for school, business meetings, social events and more. Are you comfortable turning your camera on? It is very likely that your next interview will be virtual, and you may be required to deliver a virtual presentation in one of your classes this year. In this workshop, participants will learn 6 tips to be able to say they ACED IT during their next presentation on camera!

Mental Health and Stress Management – Friday, February 25, 2022

The goal of this workshop is to increase students’ knowledge on the topics of basic mental health and stress management strategies. The workshop will cover basic signs of poor or worsening mental health, active communication skills that can be used to open safe conversations and combat stigma, as well as intentional self-care strategies that can be used to maintain positive mental health and well-being in everyday life. Students will learn how to identify signs of stress within their own lives as well as recognize the signs in others and will gain an understanding of the importance of stress management as well as a variety of techniques that can be used to deal with short-term and long-term stress. This workshop is created and delivered in collaboration with Talk Tools.

 Conflict Resolution – Thursday, March 31, 2022

Students will explore how communication and empathy can be powerful tools during conflict as they learn about human-centred conflict resolution. This workshop will include strategies that will enable them to face future conflicts with more confidence.

Leadership – Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Students will begin to uncover their emerging leadership style as they explore characteristics and skills of different leadership styles. This workshop will outline the importance of leadership in their personal life and future career pathway.

Skills Portfolio Development – Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Students will explore the connections between their high school courses, extracurricular activities, and other life experiences as transferable employability skills. As students develop their virtual skills portfolio, they will learn the critical components in creating a LinkedIn profile (draft) and gain an understanding of how companies hire.



9am – 2pm | MS Teams

$60 / student

This day-long virtual conference alternates between synchronous instruction and small-group work. At the end the day, students will present their solutions to their community partner.

Prior to the ICE Challenge, students will be assigned to groups. Teachers can select if they wish for their students to work together or be assigned a team with students from different schools and boards.

Sectors: Health and Wellness, Non-profit 

Life Sciences Ontario is a member-funded, not-for-profit organization advancing Ontario life sciences through advocacy and policy work, educational and networking events, and support services for our sector.

Sectors: Hospitality and Tourism, Sports, Environment 

An exceptional system of provincial parks that inspires people to discover, enjoy, value, and protect forever. Ontario Parks’ Mission is to protect significant natural and cultural resources to maintain biodiversity in a system of provincial parks that is sustainable and provides opportunities for inspiration and discovery, now and for future generations.

Sectors: Arts and Culture, Information, Community and Technology, Business

Point3D is a commercial imaging company that provides high-quality 3D virtual tours, photography, precise point clouds, and as-built models to businesses across Ontario. Our solutions are immersive, interactive, and accurate to 99.9% of reality – empowering audiences to seamlessly explore and evaluate any space as if they were actually there.

Presented in collaboration with

ACED IT! Workshop included!

The ‘new normal’ is the ‘now normal’ and that means that we are on camera for school, business meetings, social events and more. Are you comfortable turning your camera on? It is very likely that your next interview will be virtual and as part of the ICE certification, you will be presenting a pitch to a Community Partner. In this workshop, participants will learn 6 tips to be able to say they ACED IT during their next presentation on camera!


9:00am – 2:00pm | MS Teams

$60 / student

SHSM Sectors: Construction, Horticulture and Landscaping, Energy, Business – rescheduled to May 2022


Do you have what it takes to get the job?

In this dynamic and engaging 1-day virtual program, student teams will take on a sector-specific scenario where they will create a bid or project proposal learning how to estimate materials, human resources, operational expenses all while developing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Industry professionals and entrepreneurs (Sector Champions) are invited for a Career Math Q&A session in the morning and return in the afternoon to listen to the student proposal and select who they would hire!

Entrepreneur or intrapreneur knowing how to price a project, manage a budget, and understand the important role math plays in every career is vital to standing out from your competition.


  1. Each Provincial Conference requires a minimum of 50 students attending live, with a maximum of 100 students cumulative across all schools and school boards in Ontario.
  2. Each student will require a computer with a camera and microphone to participate in live conferences.
  3. Hosted in Unearth Education Éveillée’s Microsoft Teams. Students and teachers will receive a calendar invitation with the MS Teams link.
  4. Upon attendance confirmation, students will receive their electronic certificate by email. Teachers will receive a copy. 
  5. We will
      • Provide experienced and dynamic instructors and electronic materials.
      • Recruit and prepare the Community Partner for ICE Challenges.
      • Invoice based on school/board preferences (by school and SHSM sector or central billing).
      • Produce certificates of completion and send directly to students.

When registering, teachers must provide:

      • Student full name
      • Student email
      • Supervising teacher’s name and email

Contact Jennifer Regnier ( for more information.