sector-specific workshops

Sector Specific Workshops are delivered by industry professionals and created specifically to meet the elective requirements for SHSM programs.

These workshops are up to 3 hours and can be delivered at school as an on-site field trip.

What does GOOD Nutrition Mean To You?

SHSM: Health and Wellness, Sports

Language: English and French

Delivery By: Susan Alsembach, Nutritionist

This workshop is an opportunity to engage youth in discussing their own nutritional habits, as well as understanding how this can impact their immediate and long-term health.

Using a variety of interactive tools such as questionnaires, videos, role play and visual aids, to create a positive and interactive learning environment, students will

  • Understand the factors (social, nutritional, economical) that contribute to health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, acne;
  • Understand the short- and long-term consequences of high sugar and salt diet, ie diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular disease etc.;
  • Have a good understanding of what is a balanced and healthy diet;
  • Learn what foods to avoid when grocery shopping and where to go for better options;
  • Learn what foods make up the basic pantry in a kitchen; and
  • Understand how to make a simple yet healthy meal.

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