Welcome Parents!

Our skill building and career readiness certifications are perfect for YOUR middle school or high school student! 

We understand that youth have unique needs, and as a parent, you might be looking for resources and programs to help them increase their skills repertoire. 

Give your kids an opportunity to develop skills for the world of work at home!


We believe skill-building starts at home! 

 This is why we’ve created online certifications that can be completed at their own pace.  

 You are probably asking yourself how it works. 

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These customizable workshops are great for small or large groups and can be incorporated into any type of pre-existing program such as Girl Guides, Scouts, etc.


We are excited to be making our live workshops available to youth in their community!  

Did you know?

 We can deliver our certifications live (in-person or virtually). If you would like to organize a live delivery session for a small group, contact us today! 

My Community Engagement Blueprint

2-day coach-led program (in-person or virtual)

Interactive and innovative activities to develop leadership through the creation of a vision board, self-
coaching, gratitude, and mindfulness reflections with courage, communicate, collaboration and
character at the forefront.


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