Welcome Business Professionals!

Get Involved

Providing students with relevant 21st century skill development involves working with industry professionals and entrepreneurs to create experiential learning opportunities. 

There are several ways to get involved:

Sector Champion / Panelist / Influencer

It is not necessary to prepare a formal presentation, but rather to be ready to have a conversation with students about the individual path you followed throughout your career and share with them your lessons learned. 

Industry Partner

As an industry partner, you can talk to students about your business and share some of your business challenges. This is an opportunity to get a new, fresh perspective from students. 

Through Design Thinking, students will develop innovation, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset as they work to brainstorm, propose, and present solutions to your challenge. 


Do you want to help make a difference in the youth of today for tomorrow’s workforce? As a small business, we are always seeking ways to make our programs and services accessible to all. Partnering and sponsoring can come in many forms, from donating in-kind services or products, helping one student complete a certification to being a title sponsor for a conference, and everything in between. Contact us if you are interested in supporting our initiatives. 


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