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Our skill building and career readiness certifications are perfect for YOUR students in SHSM, Coop, Careers, Business and more!

Unearth Education Éveillée (UEÉ) understands that each school and school board have unique needs, varying teaching models and schedules.

This is why we’ve created various learning and delivery models that provide flexibility and adaptability to allow our certification to fit into your classroom.

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All of our certifications can be adapted to different grade levels. Contact us today to learn more!

*Note: Prices are based on enrollment numbers (not completion) and are, subject to change without notice. Tax is not included in the price quoted.

Verify your SHSM sector or subject matter to see what we have available for your students.

SHSM Bundle

This SHSM Bundle offers students the opportunity to work with a Community Partner or organize a SHSM event/project while gaining 6 SHSM certifications and transferable skills for the world of work!    


Knowing that different schools and students have different needs, workshops can be scheduled at school or at an off-site location, and each series is customized based on the SHSM sector(s), design thinking challenge or SHSM event/project.   


19 SHSM – 4 Live Workshops – 5 Certifications + SPE 

  • SPE – Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship (ICE) 
  • Project Management 
  • Customer Service 
  • Skills Portfolio Development 
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Communications Skills 


ICE + 3 2-hour workshops plus in class work time: starting at $4000 for up to 25 students.  

ICE + 3 3-hour workshops: starting at $4500 for up to 25 students.  

*Travel costs are additional 

My Community Engagement Blueprint

2-day coach-led program (in-person or virtual)

Interactive and innovative activities to develop leadership through the creation of a vision board, self-
coaching, gratitude, and mindfulness reflections with courage, communicate, collaboration and
character at the forefront.

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