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With over 50 years of experience in the Canadian education system delivering curriculum and creating professional development workshops for all grade levels we offer a variety of English and French programs that we are excited to customize and deliver to our clients. We thrive on being innovative to create programs that respond to changing needs within both the education sector and labour market. We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to experiential learning and work with clients to create and deliver unique and authentic programs. We strive to always be mindful of the labour market demands and our team seeks to fill gaps in the education system; while promoting and supporting already existing programs to provide students with additional experiential learning, skill-building opportunities to unearth their passion and potential.


Unearth Education Éveillée’s certifications are created by a team that includes a certified teacher from Ontario, in collaboration with an industry professional. Our content developers use their real-world experience to create certifications that give students the opportunity to develop the skills they will need for their professional future.

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*Completion times are based on Teacher-Directed & Self-Directed models only. Live delivery estimated completion times vary.

My Community Engagement Blueprint

2-day coach-led program (in-person or virtual)

“No matter who I am, I can be a good leader!”

My Community Engagement Blueprint is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to build
confidence, develop employability skills and leverage their potential to make a difference in their

A dynamic and interactive program to uncover their full leadership potential as they create a plan to
make an impact in their school and community.
Interactive and innovative activities to develop leadership through the creation of a vision board, self-
coaching, gratitude and mindfulness reflections with courage, communicate, collaboration and
character at the forefront.

The participant will

  • Discover and enhance their employability skills and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Make new connections
  • Create a community engagement plan that will help them obtain volunteer hours

“I’m building my confidence, developing my skills, and leveraging my potential to make a difference in my

The Resources

  • Skill Advancement Plan
  • Community involvement plan
  • Competency worksheets (4 C’s and Leadership)
    o Definition
    o Tips and tricks
    o Do’s and dont’s
    o Actions

Contact Andrea Regnier at certifications@uneartheducation.com


Contact Andrea Regnier at certifications@uneartheducation.com

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